SureClean's Childsafe Foamy Hand Sanitizer Campaign

SureClean’s Childsafe Foamy Hand Sanitizer is a child safe certified, alcohol-free, gentle and mildly scented hand sanitizer that protects your child’s hand from virus and bacteria for up to 3 hours after application. And SureClean is looking for influencers relatable to a young parent audience to cover the product!




Health & Fitness

Kids & Parenting


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Incentive: Free 2 x bottle of hand sanitizer (twin pack) worth SGD$18.80. Item will be delivered to you. 



We regret that only short-listed influencers will be contacted before 20 Nov 2016. StarNgage will double confirm your participation via PM on Instagram/Emai/Whatsapp, and more detailed instructions will be given. For any questions about the campaign, feel free to pm the StarNgage team @StarNgage on Instagram or email to


  • 1 x Instagram post featuring the product
  • Bio: Switch the website in your profile to a link to SureClean’s Lazada product page (link will be provided) for a 1 week period after the uploading of IG post
  • Visual: Influencers are encouraged to be creative in their visual. Some possible suggestions can be a picture of foam in hand, with the product in the background, etc.



Influencers should mention (in your own words) that: 

  1. The foam smells like baby powder fragrance
  2. Is certified child safe
  3. Protects your child’s hands from bacteria and virus for up to 3 hours
  4. Direct followers to the profile link if they are interested to get one for themselves

mention: @SureCleanSG, @StarNgage


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