Curious about Perfect V-chin? Fighting against ACNE issue?Free Skin Care products from Labottach !!

Hi there! Glad that we finally meet!
Labottach was first established in 1992 in Korea and has been focusing in research and develop pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in the past 20 years. 


After successfully exporting our products to more than 40 countries, including Europe, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and etc, we are now launching our products in Singapore! ^^

Our core products are Derma Cosmo-Patch (a mask-like product which could be applied onto various facial and body parts). It is made of highly innovated hydrogel type materials that offer 8 hours long lasting moisturizing effects. All the efforts we made are not only about skin care but focus on skin cure.


The innovated value that we provide:

  • Innovated material with our own R&D department
  • 6~8hrs long lasting moisturizing effect
  • Dermatologist tested in Germany
  • Perfect for night care

With our innovative material and effective formula of ingredients, we offer solutions to:

  • Aging Care
  • Acne Care
  • other wellness issues

Introduction of the product : 


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We are looking for influencers to review and promote our products with any form of media on Insta or facebook.Kindly contact us if :

  1. You like to blog/insta about skin care
  2. You are staying in Singapore
  3. You are highly engaged with your followers (we do not consider followers number as the most matter issue)
  4. You are a female in the age of 20~50's

by dropping us an email at, and don't forget to mention:

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Frequently used social media and the link of it
  4. The most desire products you need ( Labottach V-up patch/ Acne care series) kindly refer:

Our main purpose is to link people to:

1.Qoo10 Labottach Sg :

2.Labottach SG:

Short-listed influencers will receive 2 desired products upon request for FREE~!!

Great written reviews will stand a chance to win Labottach $50 products voucher!

If you have further questions, please come to us anytime at: ,it would be lovely to hear from you!




Labottach, Patch for Beauty! 



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